Mach1 HV 130

Mach1 HV 130

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When you’re up before dawn to catch first chair and charge, you need a ski boot that’sas... more

When you’re up before dawn to catch first chair and charge, you need a ski boot that’sas committed as you are. Enter the Mach1 HV 130, our high-performance model forskiers with high-volume feet. Mach1 stands for best-in-class all-mountain performance,promising a precise fit, the ultimate level of customization and efficient power transfer. The 130 flex with a 103 mm last is ideal for commanding skiers with wider feet or largeroverall frames. The boot feels surprisingly comfortable out-of-the-box, but if needed,you can add personal customization with Tecnica’s C.A.S. system to solve anyadditional fit problems. Demanding skiers will appreciate the Asymmetrical PowerTransmission shell, which efficiently transfers all of your energy directly into the turn.The Mach1 HV 130 delivers a level of power, comfort and control that you’ve neverseen before in a high-volume boot."

Product specifications:

  • Customizaion Liner: C.A.S.
  • Customization Shell: C.A.S.
  • Soles: ISO 5355 Bi-Material
  • Shell: PU - Quick Instep
  • Cuff: PU- Back Spine
  • Liner: HIGH PERFORMANCE- full C.A.S.- C.A.S. instep- floating tongue
  • Buckles: Mach1 buckles, Lift Lock
  • Spoiler: Velcro Spoiler
  • Powerstrap: 45mm strap
  • Canting: Double canting screwed
  • Gripwalk: Compatible

Technical details:

  • C.A.S. Shell: The C.A.S. Shell has an anatomical shape that matches the shape of the foot. This allows for a better out-of-the box initial fit. The dimples on the shell offer less...|Asymmetric Power Transmission: The revolutionary asymmetrical concept is based on a different thickness of the shell and liner structures. The inside of the shell is slightly thicker and stiffer and the outside of...|Quick Instep: Utilizes softer plastic over the instep area that allows the shell to open easier as you are entering or exiting the boot.|Celliant®: Celliant liner is powered by 13 thermoreactive minerals that convert body heat into infrared energy. Infrared penetrates deep into the tissue to increase circulation, oxygen and blood flow. This results...|Lift Lock Buckles: Innovative Lift Lock system holds the buckles up and out of the way so they don't catch while getting in or out of your boots.
Gender: Male
Size: 24, 24,5, 25, 25,5, 26, 26,5, 27, 27,5, 28, 28,5, 29, 29,5, 30, 30,5, 31, 31,5, 32, 32,5
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