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Hoji Pro Tour W
Dynafit Hoji Pro Tour W
The HOJI PRO TOUR W boot knows no compromise. On the descent, it holds its own against competitors thanks to its Hoji Lock System that enables optimum power transfer on the ski. At the same time, the boot facilitates efficient walking...
From $567.00 *
Ultra Pro W
Dynafit Ultra Pro W
Optimum cushioning for long runs: the Ultra Pro Shoe is made just for women trail runners who seek cushioning, protection as well as stability for runs 40k or longer. The Vibram® sole lends a balance of grip and traction to the shoe....
From $136.50 *
Feline Sl W Gtx
Dynafit Feline Sl W Gtx
The Feline SL GTX W Trail Running shoe is a waterproof all-purpose weapon. With its deep and agressive POMOCA outsole it ensures traction even on very soft and muddy terrain. The Feline SL combines a quick lace system with the protection...
From $157.69 *
BFC W 90
K2 BFC W 90
BFC W 90 design GRIPWALK 24,5
From $252.00 *
BFC 120
K2 BFC 120
BFC 120 design GRIPWALK 26,5
From $298.07 *
RECON PRO black 27,5
From $476.10 *
Scarpa Mojito
The Scarpa Mojito from the Italian shoe company Scarpa has become a trend shoe. With the focus on foot conforming, ultra-comfortable, customized footwear for longer distances the Scarpa Mojito is because of its multifunctionality the...
From $115.50 *
Mojito Denim
Scarpa Mojito Denim
Scarpa Mojito Denim
From $119.02 *
Mojito Rock
Scarpa Mojito Rock
Scarpa Mojito Rock
From $170.75 *
Scarpa Drago
Aggressively downturned and highly asymmetric, with a forefoot wrapped in sticky rubber, the Drago represents the pinnacle of rock shoe construction—specialized, meticulously crafted and refined to perform at the highest level on...
From $162.59 *
Furia Air
Scarpa Furia Air
Sensitivity redefined, the new Furia Air brings a second skin feeling to a climbers foot, featuring a cutting edge design combined with the most advanced materials to create a climbing shoe that allows the foot to be fully engaged when...
From $141.00 *
Furia S
Scarpa Furia S
Building on the versatile precision and sensitivity of our best-selling Furia, the all-new Furia S features a slightly softer design for an ultra-sensitive feel as well as a redesigned heel and Z-closure system for a superior, glove-like...
From $134.83 *
Instinct SR
Scarpa Instinct SR
With expanded rubber coverage over the forefoot and an improved heel fit, the Instinct SR remains our most sensitive shoe in the Instinct family-a soft, specialized slipper for training and bouldering. Product specifications: Size...
From $121.50 *
Instinct VSR
Scarpa Instinct VSR
A more supple version of our award-winning Instinct VS, the Instinct VSR features Vibram® Grip2 rubber and a more snug fit across the top of the forefoot, with the same form-fitting, sock-style fit and a lightly asymmetrical last that...
From $143.32 *
Mojito Basic
Scarpa Mojito Basic
The Scarpa Mojito from the Italian shoe company Scarpa has become a trend shoe. With the focus on foot conforming, ultra-comfortable, customized footwear for longer distances the Scarpa Mojito is because of its multifunctionality the...
From $182.34 *
Phantom Tech
Scarpa Phantom Tech
The latest and most innovative version of our best-selling, lightweight ice and mixed climbing boot, the updated Phantom Tech features the same warm, sensitive performance on highly technical winter objectives, with a redesigned offset...
From $451.50 *
Phantom 6000
Scarpa Phantom 6000
A more streamlined version of our Phantom 8000 for highly technical, cold-weather climbing at lower elevations, the Phantom 6000 features an incredibly warm double-boot design with a lightweight, lower profile construction that provides...
From $705.94 *
Phantom 8000
Scarpa Phantom 8000
Featuring a redesigned offset zip closure and built with the best materials available, the updated Phantom 8000 is our warmest climbing boot that offers technical climbing performance and serious comfort. The Phantom 8000 is the gold...
From $839.91 *
Instinct Lace Wmn
Scarpa Instinct Lace Wmn
Climbers who want one shoe for all styles of climbing favor our performance-oriented Instinct collection. A classic shoe reinvigorated-- the updated Instinct lace still offers a performance fit on a curved, asymmetric last, but now with...
From $126.00 *
Instinct VS
Scarpa Instinct VS
Combining a curved, asymmetrical last with a slightly softer construction and thinner sole for enhanced flexibility and sensitivity, the Instinct VS is the cornerstone of our Performance line—an all-around shoe that handles a variety of...
From $162.80 *
Mont Blanc Pro GTX Wmn
Scarpa Mont Blanc Pro GTX Wmn
Our most versatile and durable alpine boot that combines modern features with old-school reliability, the Mont Blanc Pro GTX features a super-tough leather upper with an integrated cuff gaiter that protects and performs over snow, ice,...
From $444.26 *
Ribelle HD
Scarpa Ribelle HD
A durable, all-mountain version of our revolutionary Ribelle Tech, the Ribelle HD takes inspiration from both running footwear and mountain boots, and features a rugged suede leather upper with an Hdry® direct-attach waterproof...
From $316.13 *
Ribelle Lite HD
Scarpa Ribelle Lite HD
Scarpa Ribelle Lite HD irongray/ocean
From $275.99 *
Triolet GTX Wmn
Scarpa Triolet GTX Wmn
Scarpa Triolet GTX Wmn green blue
From $268.09 *
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