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Sonja Scarf
Dale of Norway Sonja Scarf
Feminine scarf made with 100% skin soft extra-fine merino wool. Matching hat.
$125.00 *
Rose scarf
Dale of Norway Rose scarf
Soft and lightweight scarf, made from an exclusive blend of cashmere and merino wool. The design discretely incorporates the Norwegian eight-petal rose, giving the scarf our signature look. Matching Rose shawl.
$200.00 *
Flora Scarf
Dale of Norway Flora Scarf
Made from 100% skin soft merino wool, with a traditional pattern in a timeless design. Matching Flora jacket.
$160.00 *
Christiania Scarf
Dale of Norway Christiania Scarf
Scarf with reversible two-colored pattern, designed to match our highly popular Christiania women’s jacket. Made with 100% skin soft merino wool. Named after Christiania, a well-known woman’s name from Norwegian history and the former...
$150.00 *
Dale Christmas Scarf
Dale of Norway Dale Christmas Scarf
A classic, yet sophisticated Christmas scarf with reversible two-colored pattern. Inspired by the Norwegian Christmas: Reindeer, Christmas trees, falling snow – it’s all there. And in the center, like a Christmas star, the traditional...
$120.00 *