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Guide Black Diamond Guide
Short Description: The Guide gloves?re our warmest professional-grade ski gloves and offer the optimal balance of dexterity, durability and insulation for hard duty on super-cold days. Description: Our warmest ski gloves, the Black...
$133.50 *
Guide Finger Black Diamond Guide Finger
Short Description: The Guide Finger gloves takes our warmest, pro-level ski gloves and add a split-finger design to deliver the warmth of a mitt with the dexterity you need for hands-on tasks in the mountains. Description: These...
From $133.50 *
Absolute Mitts Black Diamond Absolute Mitts
Short Description: From the top of Everest to wind-swept Antarctic ice fields, the waterproof and ridiculously warm Absolute Mitt is designed for the world’s harshest environments. Description: Our warmest and lightest expedition mitt...
From $182.35 *