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Hotwire Quickpack 12Cm Black Diamond Hotwire Quickpack 12Cm
Short Description: With six light and versatile HotWire draws, the HotWire Quickpack is ideal for any climber on a budget. Description: The Black Diamond HotWire Quickpack features six of our hot-forged 12 cm HotWire draws, which give...
$84.69 *
Hotforge Quickpack 12Cm Black Diamond Hotforge Quickpack 12Cm
Short Description: A six pack of the HotForge Draw, which features our new HotForge Straight Gate carabiner on top and our HotForge Bent Gate on the bottom, for smooth clipping and cleaning. Description: A six pack of our Black Diamond...
$99.00 *
Litewire Quickpack 12Cm Black Diamond Litewire Quickpack 12Cm
Short Description: A six pack of LiteWire draws, featuring our new LiteWire wiregate—a small, durable workhorse carabiner featuring a lightweight hot-forged construction—and a 12cm long, 12mm Dynex dogbone. The LiteWire Draw is light...
$90.74 *